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A little bit about me

Who I Am

This mother of 3 has experienced a lot & I'm here to support you as a birth doula. DONA certified, Certified lactation consulting, Certified Childbirth Educator, Reiki certified, comfort measures, and postpartum.

My journey began during the pandemic with a compelling article in The New Yorker about a home birth. Not even knowing what a doula was at the time of my own births, I became enlightened by this role. Realizing that life perseveres even under extenuating circumstances, this kind of support is so relevant. I was drawn to this work and the birth world greeted me with a full embrace.

My background as an artist and musician has taught me how to improvise and individualize every situation based on essential evidence-based ideals. My focus is to give each family a positive, special birth experience. 

I am also a fiber artist, bass player, budding accordionist, and lover of guinea pigs.

My Professional Journey

Strength in Support

Entering the birth world was an exciting and meaningful journey for me. As every year brings me a little further from my own births, I can help new moms have positive memories with their birth experiences -and enjoy the magical beauty of a newborn!

My first support opportunities were with three very gracious young ladies at the Malta House. It was through their need for education that I learned how to teach about childbirth, their right to a beautiful birth experience taught me commitment, and their desire for unwavering companionship taught me how to support.

I have earned additional certifications in lactation consulting, childbirth education, and body preparedness for labor in order to better support women in the perinatal space. I am proud to support women in a variety of environments to help advocate for their desired birth!

About: About
Mother reading to her three young children at bedtime.

Me and my peeps, postpartum!

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