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The Path of Least Resistance

As a birth doula, my work often crosses over to postpartum support as the 2 worlds are so closely connected. I do a lot of overnight care as I like being in the presence of a brand new baby trying to figure out the world. Together, we make it through the night and hopefully give the parents an opportunity to reset and relax. I have been invited in to make this piece of history a bit easier.

I try to imagine, as this baby is so much closer to birth than I am, if there are any memories of the recent journey. Does the baby miss his or her former residence? Does he or she have sore muscles from the recent acrobatic arrival? Is the snoo really that intoxicating?

The past consecutive four nights have been spent with babies ranging from 1-3 weeks. On my last hours of night four, as I serenely fed baby an early morning bottle, my trust was tested as I felt a warm stream of liquid pass through my lap and disperse through my clothes onto the chair beneath. It couldn’t have been me! My own muscles may have been challenged by my own three children, but usually a hearty laugh or vigorous dancing to 80’s music brought on such an event. This was the baby, who somehow wriggled a tinkle past his diaper. There is no fascinating conclusion, only that I always pack extra clothes on my adventures and I let baby finish his bottle. Just as his pee found the path of least resistance, so did my reaction. It was easier to grin and bear it. All is good, we are still friends!

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